Evolution of Omega Nuggets: Clicker

Evolution of Omega Nuggets: Clicker

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Evolution of Omega Nuggets: Clicker
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Evolution of Omega Nuggets: Clicker Overview


Play Evolution of Omega Nuggets: Clicker for free! Grow your empire of Omega Nuggets, evolve and unlock new forms in an addictive clicker game.

Try our Evolution of Omega Nuggets Clicker online!

You start the nugget as a small little egg, and you need to keep clicking/tapping on it to fill up the progress bar at the top and earn coins, and use them in the shop on the right to get upgrades for your clicking prowess such as:

  • Autoclick
  • Single Click
  • Blade
  • Double Click
  • Revolver
  • Strong Click
  • Microphone
  • Powerful Click
  • Om-Nom-Nom
  • Mighty Click
  • Cowboy Luck
  • Release Click
Main Features
  • Simple to understand: the game is very simple and easy to understand. In this way, the game can be played by both children and adults.
  • Addictive: the action of the game will make you addicted! due to the fact that the main character evolves quickly, the players quickly become captivated and try to evolve to the maximum level.
  • Upgrade your character: to have an advanced Omega Nuggets you will have to use the bonuses in the game.
  • Strategy: develop your strategy so that you succeed in combining the bonuses you have in the following levels of the game.
  • Daily rewards: every day will bring you new levels of the main character. Try to collect them all and use them to evolve to the maximum level.
Game benefits:
  • Relaxation and wasting time: being a free online game, the main feature is to relax. Considering the ease with which you can play, you can be sure that you will disconnect from everyday life playing Omega Nuggets.
  • Develop your strategy: the game has some key points where you will have to think about which new items to buy or which items to sell to make money. Approach the best strategy to complete all levels.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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