Imposter Battle Royale

Imposter Battle Royale

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Imposter Battle Royale
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Imposter Battle Royale Overview


Among Us has always been a multiplayer game, because the interaction between players all over the world is what primarily made it so beloved and popular, so of course, it would be only a matter of time until we had battle royale games online to offer you in this category, just like it is the case right now with Imposter Battle Royale.

Shoot down the other imposters, and be the last one standing in this Among Us multiplayer game!

Instead of sabotaging the spaceship and killing crewmates, this game has imposters on a map of the spaceship, a map that is slowly shrinking, where no one is hiding, but just straight-up shooting the other ones down, with the goal being to be the last one standing, so aim for that!

Move using the W, A, S, D keys, aim and shoot with the mouse, and use E for interaction. For starters, only the Survival mode is unlocked, and the premise is simple, which is to shoot down the other imposters on the spaceship until only you remain.

There are other modes you can unlock or will be coming soon, such as Chaos, Capture the Flag, Alien Crisis, and Invasion, but so far, do your best at the first one.

Winning matches, or at least performing well gives you coins in return, so use the coins in the shop of the main menu to buy all sorts of better weapons and upgrades, then using them to achieve victory quicker!

Good luck, and we hope that we see more of you here today since we don't be stopping to bring you new games any time soon, that's for sure!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, mouse, E key.

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