Imposter Solo Killer

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What is Imposter Solo Killer?

Imposter Solo Killer
If you are passionate about the famous games with Among US, then you will definitely love this one too. We have a living room invaded by the impostors, and you have to kill them, otherwise, they will kill you. Be very careful.

The rules are very simple: you have to remove the impostor from the living room to get to the computer. Be careful, however, the imposter attacks in the perimeter marked in red. You have to sit in front of the red circle and attack. You will have as a weapon a sword with which you will have to eliminate the impostor. The game is structured on levels, and as you advance you will have more and more imposters, but also better prepared to fight with you.

At each level, you will receive reward coins that will help you in the future challenges that the game offers you. So, collect as many coins as you can to get some upgrades you will need. With the coins won you will be able to change your character with another superior to him, having different powers or you will be able to change your weapon, with a much better one so that the impostors will not face you.

We hope you enjoy this game as much as possible. Have fun.

How to play?

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard

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