Imposter Expansion Wars

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What is Imposter Expansion Wars?

Imposter Expansion Wars

Let's start the Imposter Expansion Wars, one of the best combinations between strategy and war games with Among Us Games characters, the imposters and crewmates you know and love, as nothing like this has ever before been added into the category, meaning that right now you are in for a fresh experience, one you should not miss out on for anything in the world!

Can you win the Imposter Expansion Wars?

As with most other wars, real or fictional, numbers win them, and numbers, counting, and math are greatly important for your strategy in this game. Use the mouse to send your impostor troops from one tower to another, and figure out the best path through numbers.

You can move them among your own towers, which increases the number of troops you have, and when you have more troops than an opposing tower, attack it and overpower them. If the impostors of the enemies are more, they will beat you, since they have the larger number.

Each new mission will have a map that is more difficult than the one before it, so focus, give your best and win. If not, try again, and we're sure you will be better!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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