Imposter Head Volleyball

Imposter Head Volleyball

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Imposter Head Volleyball
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Imposter Head Volleyball Overview


Imposter Head Volleyball is not only the first game from the Among Us Games category to feature this sport, which we know has fans all across the world, but it is also available in 2 players, so if you and a friend want to try it out with this sport virtually, and with these characters you love so much, you have all the reasons to do it right now!

Play Imposter Head Volleyball online with 2 players right now!

From the main menu you need to choose between playing 1P or 2P, but, either way, you only win by scoring more goals than the other impostor before the runtime of the match is out, which is one minute. To do it, get the ball over the net and make it hit the other one's side of the court.

Player 1 moves and jumps with WASD and shoots with F, while Player 2 moves and jumps with the ARROW keys, using the K key for shooting. It's as simple as that, so now that you know, there's nothing left to do but start playing and having fun as only on our website is made possible!

How to play?

P1: WASD, F.


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