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What are Football Games?

Sports are very important in the life of young boys, and so we want to try and make you feel even more in love with a very popular sport around the globe - Football - or - Soccer - because both terms are used in different countries. Boys and Girls all around the world play football wherever they are, whatever the weather and there are plenty of times in which they don't even need a ball to play on the streets because kids improvise with empty cans, sponges or even rocks.

The Football sport knows even as soccer in America or in England where it originated in the 1800, was played by hundreds at once, but now, there are just 11 players in one team playing against another team to see which of them can score as many goals as possible and win the game.

American Football  

There are two types of Football in the world, the one that Americans call Football, and they consider it the only type of football, is the one in which players wear helmets, the ball is brown and shaped like an egg, and the other type of Football is the European football as they call it, even though Americans have soccer championships in their country as well.

The Football rules are different, the number of players is different and one of the only similarities between the two games is that the players have special equipment and that they have to score goals, even though the goals will be different between the two sports. You can see that in this type of Football, there are two goals at the end of each side of the pitch, and they are tall and shaped like a Y. That zone is called the end-zone or the touchdown zone, where the players in one team have to get their ball while one of the players is holding or touching the ball, to score the touchdown which brings to the team, 6  points.

Why the need for the Y goal then? Because there are special injuries, fouls and technical fouls in this game, and once you get one of these penalty kicks, you will see that one of your best players in the team will have a free shot that he try and see if he can score the goal by kicking the football through the two poles of the Y shaped post or try to pass the ball using his leg to one of his colleagues which if in the touchdown zone, he will score the touchdown and gain more points than a simple penalty kick.

A football game is much longer than a soccer game, and it can take as much as five hours to end, and you can score even 100 points in one game, being able to have different points for different goal scores throughout the game. The touchdown is 6 points as we already told you boys, a fixed goal is 3 points - which is the penalty kick - you can gain extra points by advancing your forward lines over the defense line of the enemy team and they had to foul your player, or have just 2 points for a safety score when the player with the ball gets trapped under all the other team's players and you have passed the middle of the field into their side.

Even though it's considered a brutal game, Americans love Football, and they have Sunday football superstitions, because Sunday is game day throughout America, and fans watch this sport every week during the entire football season, and waiting for the final game of the year, called the Super Bowl, which is one of the most popular sports events all over the world. Because it's so brutal, and players kick and tackle each other at high speeds, they have lots of safety gear, one of the most important one being the head helmet with a mouth guard so that the players do not crack their skulls or get their teeth smashed into their mouths. They also have chest protection like hockey players so that they do not break their ribs or collarbone.

European Football - Soccer

We are not stopping with just one type of Football, and we are going to continue to tell its story through the future rows bellow. The exciting world of Football in Europe but not only, because Soccer is known all over the world is very exciting, filled with trophies, superstars and amazing goals to tell all of the boys how much fun and how many friends they can make playing football all over the place, because yes, football can be played anywhere there are more than 2 or 3 people, and they have the will to imagine a goal and have anything similar to a round ball.

Football was invented in England, and it's first official game was played in 1820, and since then, the rules of the game have changed a lot, and in 2020 FIFA and UEFA are trying to keep improving the game that has fans all over the world. In the early stages, the game was played by 100 people in a single team, but that turned out to be a very chaotic game.

Now, the football game is played by only 11 players in a team, and they are playing against a second team with the same number of players. There are 3 substitutions allowed in the game, and you dear kids can see that they can be any type of player, from goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders to strikers and there is no age limitations. The main purpose of the game is to win, and for that one of the teams has to score more goals than the other.

There are going to be two goals on the pitch, each one at the end of the length of the pitch, right in the middle, and it will be 12 meters long and 2 meters high, and it will be defended by a goalkeeper, which will wear gloves and he is going to be the only player on the pitch that is allowed to touch the ball with his hands. There are 4 defenders in the game, 4 midfielders, and 2 strikes, which is the basic or the default formation, but it can be different from team to team, depending on their tactics.

Each goal a team scores is one point, and a match win in championships will be 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points when the team loses. Football championships differ from country to country, so the number of teams is not the same. The biggest football competitions in the world are the World Cup and the European Championships for National teams, and they are held for 4 in 4 years like the Olympics, and for the Football clubs in Europe, there's the UEFA Champions League which is the most important, and the UEFA Europa League.

The controls for these games are very interesting and easy to use, because in most of the games, the movement of one or all the players will be using the MOUSE or the ARROW keys on the keyboard, and then left-click or the SPACE bar to shoot the ball to the goal for soccer or to throw the ball to one of your teammates for Football. Because it's a team sport, plenty of the Football games here on our website are 2 player, 3 player or 4 player based modes, in which you can have a very good team that wins game after game.

Through our game category, you dear kids can invite friends over and start to play football or soccer with all of your friends and with the biggest players in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Leo Messi, Neymar or Eden Hazard are world football players that appear in our sports games, in which you have to win at head football, classic football and at target practice, freekick practice or penalty kicks that will help you guys become better football players trying out your skills with the best players in the world.

Girls can also play both types of football, and they have their own championships, their own World Cups, or Super Bowls. You will find girl football games on our website, and some of them will be dressing up games with famous football and soccer players, and you will make them look amazing before the games or at photoshoots for magazines in which they give interviews all the time. Have fun!