Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby

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Rocket Soccer Derby
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Rocket Soccer Derby Overview


Rocket Soccer Derby offers you the chance of playing soccer online unlike you have ever done before, and we are talking about playing it with cars, instead of footballers, which is certainly going to be something very new in the lives of most of you here, which is why we would not have dared not so share the game with you in the first place, and after you learn how it works right now, you should be ready to give it your best straight away!

Let's play Rocket Soccer Derby!

Use WASD to drive, shift for nitro, space to jump, and F to lock the camera on the ball. Go around the pitch to grab the football and drive it towards the goal of the other team and hit it into the net to score, and the team that scores more goals by the end of the match's runtime becomes the winner, simple as that!

There is nothing left for you to learn, but know that you can buy new and better cars along the way as you keep playing and winning matches, and that will allow you to become a better car soccer player. Start right now, and if you think your friends would also like this game, share it with them!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, F, and the mouse.


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