Rocket Cars Soccer

Rocket Cars Soccer

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Rocket Cars Soccer
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Rocket Cars Soccer Overview


Rocket Cars Soccer is going to take everything you already knew about both soccer games online and car games online and turn them on their head, as you get to play football, a classic sport, probably the most popular one in the world, and play it with rocket cars instead of regular human players, which only makes the experience more exciting and interesting, certainly unique!

Play Soccer online with Rocket Cars!

Use WASD to drive, space for the handbrake, and go around the soccer pitch, pushing the ball with the car in order to get it inside the goal to score, and if you score more points than your opponents before the given time runs out, you are going to win, of course. Otherwise, they do.

You can practice this, play a turbo match against another car, try to score just for the sake of it, or even play a penalty shoot-out, where you shoot from a given distance.

As you keep doing a good job at this football game with cars, you get to unlock more cars and are able to play at an even higher level, and, of course, have even more fun. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD and the spacebar.

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