Rocket Socer Derby

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What is Rocket Socer Derby?

Rocket Socer Derby

Rocket Socer Derby is a terrific replica of the Rocket League game which we know is loved by players, streamers, and internet people in general, since combining football with cars can be one of the craziest concepts to have worked in the world of internet gaming so far, and trust us when we say that you are not going to be disappointed by it!

Can you win the Rocket Socer Derby?

Whether playing in rooms against other people on the internet, or offline with bots, just like in regular soccer matches, give it your best to score more goals and be the winner before the time of the match runs out. Of course, instead of doing it with a soccer play it, you push the ball around with your car.

Use W to accelerate, A, D to steer, S to reverse, space to jump, L-shift for nitro, F for ball camera. It will be the blue team versus the red team, both offline and online. On the map/pitch, you can sometimes find upgrades that you can grab and use, which make you faster, more powerful and give you other power-ups that will help you get ahead.

Of course, winning matches comes with financial rewards, and you can use your money in the garage to upgrade your car's performance levels, customize its look, or are even able to buy whole new cards to drive in the matches. We wish all the football car players and drivers the best, and invite you to tell your friends about our site and games too, the more the merrier!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift, space, F keys.

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