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What are 3D games?

If twenty years ago, playing 3D Games online seemed like a dream, and ten years ago it was possible but quite rare, these days, 3-dimensional technology is easily integrated into most of the browser games you experience on our website or any other place, for that matter, and so many of them use this technology, which is true for mobile devices as well if you’re playing from them.

Over the years, we have built quite an awesome collection of them, and we are happy to present it to you here, with the number of them only increasing day after day, which is why it’s one of the largest categories we currently have. Let’s dive deeper into this new dimension, and see what kinds of fun things it has to offer!

What are 3d games and how do they work?

Well, three-dimensional spaces mean that you don’t have just two, or even one, but three values that set the geometric setting, and it can be any combination between width, height, depth, or length.

While 3d technology has been around for decades, it first became utilized a lot in video games, and, around ten years ago, improvements in it and cheaper prices allowed it to also be used in movies, so you can watch them like that as well, using special glasses.

For gaming, seeing characters in 3-D has been around for a long time, especially for AAA ones, but thanks to the Unity3D software, they can be integrated into browsers as well, with it also being used as an engine to create the worlds.

What are some of the best 3d games to play online?

Well, the technology can be integrated into a huge variety of entries, both for boys and girls, although we would say that most of them are aimed towards boys and their likes since it makes their immersion better.

There are many of them with action and adventure, especially shooting, where you go around with your soldier/warrior, shooting enemies, fighting them with other weapons, or maybe even your fists, and having the pleasure to feel like you were inside the game.

You can also expect to find many car games 3d on our website because cars have always been 3-dimensional in real life, so you would want them rendered like that as well when you race them on tracks through the cities or wilderness and feel like you were driving them yourself.

Whether you are a gangster looking to do some crimes, police trying to catch a criminal, a surfer going around the subways while collecting gold, or fighting as a superhero against supervillains wanting to destroy the world, doing it in 3 dimensions makes it way more fun, believe us!

You don’t? Well, don’t just take us on our words, but try playing any of the games we’ve brought you here so far, and we’re sure that even if you were to pick one at random, you would still be delighted by what you find. One, two, 3D, let’s go!