Masked Special Forces

Masked Special Forces

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Masked Special Forces
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Masked Special Forces Overview


Masked Special Forces is yet another amazing showing of FPS Games online in 3D from our website, where we know that these are among the most popular games for boys and men, where they get to play the role of military experts, of which the top will always be the special forces, who have to deal with terrorists, global panics, surprise attacks, and stealth operations!

All of this and more you get to do in this amazing shooting game online, which we will explain, as it has multiple modes of gameplay, and tons of fun stuff for you to discover as you keep playing it!

Join the Masked Special Forces and shoot the enemies to save the world!

The Team Death Match mode is going to be the main one you get to play, competing with players worldwide. You are put in either the Red or the Blue teams, the goal is to shoot the members of the other team and dispose of them all before the time of the match runs out. One location you can do that will be the construction site, for example, but there will be others too, like the desert, military zones, or cities around the globe.

Move with WASD, aim and shoot using the mouse, jump by pressing space, run faster by holding the shift button, and Q to slide. You change weapons with the 1, 2, and 3 number keys, pick up items or interact with them using E/F, throw dynamite with G, use medkit to replenish health with H, and crouch with C.

In the Free for All mode, there are no teams, and you just shoot one another, while teams come back in Capture the Flag, but you also need to take the enemy flag to your own home base to win, while protecting yours.

Try the riveting Gun Game and Arcade Boom modes as well, and if you want to invite a certain friend or family member to play with you, you can do so in the PVP mode.

WIth the money that you earn from winning matches, you get back to the main menu, where there is the armory and shop from where you can buy quite the extensive list of guns and weapons:

  •  MP5K
  •  N870
  •  SC-AR
  •  SC-DMR
  • AX-50
  •  MGL
  •  Tommy
  •  SC-L
  •  M4A1
  •  AWP
  • Crossbow
  • CZ75
  • PPK
  • Magnum
  • Knife
  • Axe
  •  Frag Grenade
  •  Syringe
  • Helmet 1-8
  • Armor 1-8

Start the shootout online right now, and check out more similar games we've got here, you will enjoy them just as much, maybe even more so!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

Try to get a lot of XP points to unlock all the special abilities you can gain here:

  • Quickdraw ammo
  •  Bolt Runner
  • Silence Walker
  •  Explosion Master
  • Bomber Man
  • Samurai
  •  UAV Ghost
  •  Sitrep
  • Fast Drawer

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, 1, 2, 3, E, F, G, C.

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