Shell Shocker

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What is Shell Shocker?

Shell Shocker

Shell Shocker is a multiplayer game full of egg puns, egg-themed weapons, and players running around as, you guessed it: eggs. Shell Shocker is a surprisingly active game that mixes the anxiety-inducing multiplayer battles of Call of Duty with the colorful gameplay of Fortnite. The best part? You can play from almost anywhere in the world.

Shell Shocker has multiple game modes that you can play privately or with other players from around the world. However, before you start playing, you will have to select your region. You can see the region’s connection when looking at the list of different Shell Shocker servers.

Play Shell Shocker online on these Servers:

  1. US East
  2. US West
  3. US Central
  4. Brazil
  5. Germany
  6. Singapore
  7. Sydney

If you want to play Shell Shocker with a handful of friends, you can create a private game. Once you create a private game, you’re given a link to copy that you can send to your friends for egg-fueled mayhem.

Shell Shockers has three game types:

Free For All: There are no teams. It’s just you, your weapon of choice, and your skill as an egg soldier.

Teams: Instead of trying to clear an entire map of enemy eggs, you’re placed on teams where you work together to take out the other teams. This requires some communication. To chat in Shell Shockers, you press enter.

Capture The Spatula: Capture the Spatula in Egg Shockers is an objective-based game. Think of “Capture The Flag,” but with a spatula.

Before You Play - Change Your Weapon

Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the default Eggk-47 might have a high rate of fire and never jam, but it doesn’t have a very long range. The Scrambler does massive damage up close, but its rate of fire is only two shots and does barely any damage from range.

Before You Play - Check Your Inventory

This is your last chance to change your Egg’s hat, stamp, secondary weapon, and primary weapon. If you want to purchase more, you’d need to sign in before browsing the shop.


●    Every time you die, you can change your weapon. Use this to your advantage if you can figure out your opponent’s play style. Are they hanging around obstacles? Use a shotgun weapon to get the jump on them from around corners. Do you normally see them running out in the open? They’re a perfect target for long-range weapons.
●    Don’t get too distracted by chatting! Some lobbies have players sitting around with enemy eggs and chatting. While this is a social game, and it’s nice to meet friends, more times than not: one of the eggs is going to start firing. You can’t trust anyone, especially if you’re on free for all.
●    Don’t go for the strongest weapon if you don’t need to. There’s a reason there’s an entire list of weapons for you to use. If you’re walking around trying to take out enemies from range with The Scrambler, then you’re not going to win.

Now, have fun and crack those enemy eggs!

How to play?

Use the ARROW and MOUSE to play.

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