Toca Boca World: Night City

Toca Boca World: Night City

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Toca Boca World: Night City
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Toca Boca World: Night City Overview


Step back into the Toca Boca World, your own world, since we're once again giving you the chance to simulate your second life with the designs and styles of the characters in this kid-friendly world, although today we're going dar with the Night City edition, as you get to make your own world in the city after the lights go off, providing you with unique chances and cool new imagery!

Create a vibrant Night City in the Toca Boca World!

Watch the city at night, and pick buildings from it, from small houses to apartment buildings, restaurants, the mall, and even offices. Tap on them to enter, and then you will see them quite empty, and that's because you have the task of filling them up with life, and non-life.

You've got the decoration button that allows you to add furniture, so think of cupboards, desks, tables, chairs, beds, couches, and others, and then you've got a big list of characters that you can place around.

Arrange these things through the city at night however your imagination wants, and if you want to go even further with it, you have a menu where you get to create your own characters, choosing their body shape, their facial features, and dressing them up in awesome outfits.

Start designing, creating, and making the city look amazing, and make it so that the Toca Boca characters that you place in it are having the night of their lives!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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