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Kick the Buddy

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Kick the Buddy
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Kick the Buddy Overview


Everyone needs a healthy release. Video games may be violent, but most of us are not going out and emulating what we play in the game because we have had our release of violence. Fortunately, Kick The Buddy is a great addition to all the Funny Games on Play-Games that gives us that perfect outlet for when we just want to beat something, shoot something, set it on fire, or run something over. The buddy is here to help, but how do you play Kick the Buddy?

Kick The Buddy Gameplay

There is a reason Kick the Buddy has thousands of players on Play-Games, it is because it is a great stress release. When you start Kick the Buddy, you will notice there are different accessories you can equip your buddy with. Of course, they do cost coins, and if you are just starting Kick the Buddy, then you will not have any coins. 

Click start on the game and you are put in a small area with your friend. The only thing you can do with the buddy is stabbing him with multiple knives. You get the knives for free. However, every time you stab the friend with a knife, a coin pops out of him. Convenient, right? You will notice a list of weapons that cost coins to purchase. That means the more pain you inflicted on your friend, the more coins you earn. Easy, right? 

Kick The Buddy Tips

There is not much to the Kick the Buddy game because it is simply a game of stress release. There are not any high scores to get or people to compete against. The only thing you are doing is inflicting maximum pain on your friend. 

●    Be patient with your weapons. It might get a little tedious having to stab your buddy over and over, but it will be worth it once you start upgrading your weapons and inflicting even more pain onto the buddy as you unlock more weapons. 
●    Focus on weapons over accessories. Sure, when you are beating up a friend, you want to give back by dressing him up, but you are slowing down your weapon upgrades. You must focus on what is most important: Inflicting the most damage on your friend with upgraded weapons. 

Do not try this at home!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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