Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC

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What is Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC?

Super Buddy Kick Mobile PC

The Super Buddy Kick game returns right now with the Mobile PC version, meaning that whether you are at home or on the run, you can have a funny time kicking the hell out of the doll, which was meant for destruction, don't worry about it, with these friv games online always being well-received by our audiences, so we are sure that this one will be a hit too!

Kick the Super Buddy, on mobile or PC!

Use the mouse to click on the Buddy and punch him, or hold the mouse on it to drag it around and throw it around, which also does damage. The guns fire automatically when near him, and if you select a weapon or tool, move it over the doll to attack it with it.

As you can imagine, the more you hit and kick the buddy and destroy it, the more coins you earn in return, which allows you to go to the shop to buy those new weapons and tools, in turn causing even more destruction and earning more coins, as it is a loop between the two actions.

We are sure that you will be able to give it your best doing all this, have fun, laugh by seeing how damaged the doll becomes, and if you love the experience, share it with friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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