Pool Buddy 4

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What is Pool Buddy 4?

Pool Buddy 4

Pool Buddy 4 is one of the best new puzzle games with drawing online that we've brought forward for you all, made even better by the inclusion of Buddy, a stickman otherwise called a test doll or mannequin, which is quite the interesting figure that has made the rounds of online gaming in recent years and has become a staple character we can't get enough of!

Pool Buddy 4: more water, more buddy!

To complete each of the levels you need to make sure that the water drops from the bottles in the pool down below where buddy wants to enter, and he can't do that without water, don't you think?

To achieve that you will use the mouse to draw lines however you want to, as the background is a math notebook sheet so that your lines are going to draw and guide the water into the pool.

Moving lava and all sorts of obstacles that can move or be static are put in place to stop you, so if water touches you, you lose. Sometimes there are platforms or items that help you, so figure out the best way to draw around them.

It's that straightforward, but each new level increases in difficulty compared to the last, and we are sure that you will enjoy completing them all since it's both fun and a challenge at the same time!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.