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What are Spiderman Games?

Spiderman Games online is the front category of Marvel Games online since there is no doubt that Spiderman is and will always be the comic book magazine’s most celebrated hero!

There is much proof for that, starting with the number of games this page has. Still, also the fact that the comic books featuring him are some of the highest-grossing ever, and so far, there have been multiple box-office hits for the movie franchise, which had an original trilogy and two more films with a new actor. Now we have an MCU version of the character played by Tom Holland.
You are undoubtedly already familiar with this character, but if not, let us tell you more about him right now!

Who is Spiderman?

Peter Parker was a brilliant young man, sometimes depicted as a high-school kid for his origin story and other times as a college student. Still, no matter the time, the events of his becoming a superhero remain the same. Peter is visiting a special lab with his class, and a radioactive spider goes on the loose and bites our protagonist. He does not think much of it until the following day when Peter feels slightly different.
First of all, his body developed overnight, giving him a lot of muscle mass and strength. As if that was not enough, he can now stick to walls. Even crazier, he can shoot spider webs out of his arms. He has incredible vision and reflexes, and he can feel when something bad is happening around him, an ability that he calls Spidey-sense. Well, bestowed with these new supernatural powers, he creates himself a suit and takes on the name of Spiderman!
He can use the spider webs he shoots out of his hands to fly around New York City since this city has skyscrapers and monumental buildings, allowing him to travel through the air from one building to another, always finding trouble and dealing with it. He also works part-time at a magazine, where he has to take photos of Spiderman, so he sets up a camera to take pictures of himself for some extra money.
Throughout the many years of the stories, Peter has had two major love interests: MJ, a strong red-headed woman who finds out about his secret and whom he eventually marries, and his first love, his high-school girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, who met her untimely end at the hands of Spidey’s biggest enemy, Green Goblin.
After Peter, we had a second Spiderman in the Marvel world: Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Puerto-Rican who took on the mantle after Peter Parker's death and who ended up having these powers after Norman Osborne tried to recreate the conditions to create a new Spiderman in himself.

Our best Spiderman Games online to play for free

It is said that a superhero is only as popular as his villains, and among Marvel’s catalog of baddies, Spider-Man has some of the most iconic ones. Luckily for you, when you play the superhero games online on this page, you will get to meet and face off with them, each time saving the city and the world from a huge threat!
In one of the latest additions to this page, you can battle Mysterio, a master of illusion who uses magic and special effects to trick Spidey. You have to help him break the mirage and defeat this foe. You can also play Spider-Man Green Goblin Havoc, where you have to deal with this villain and the bombs he is throwing at you. Of course, this category would not be complete without you having the chance to face off against the powerful symbiote Venom!

If you’re exhausted from all the action you can have with this hero, you can take your time and relax with more simple games, such as coloring games that feature this hero, where you can have your own take on the character’s comic book design. You can also play jigsaw puzzle games with Spider-Man, where you have puzzles featuring iconic scenes from the movies and cartoons.
Whenever the Avengers need Spiderman’s help, they ask for it since he is an on-and-off but crucial member of the team. So make sure to join him in helping out heroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, or Captain America. If one Spider-slinger is not enough for you, make sure to also check out our Into the Spider-Verse Games online, where you can play with Peter, Miles, Spider-Girl, Spider-Pig, and other versions of the character!


One of the world’s most beloved superheroes in comics, cartoons, and movies now has a home for himself on Play-Games, where our dedicated team has brought you the best free Spiderman Games online any boy or girl can play, where our favorite New York City hero will need your help to defeat mob bosses, evil scientists, alien creatures, and otherworldly threats. He can’t pull it off without you, so why don’t you start these games right now and see what you can do?!

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