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Published09.05.2022 2 Chaos Giant is here to bring you even more fun than the first such multiplayer game did because that was truly a hit in the world of io games online, as you had the chance to play around with some small but cute versions of your favorite superheroes, and this one brings along even more avatars, celebrating the release of the new Dr. Strange movie!

Get ready for giant chaos in 2!

Just like in most other games in the series, choose your avatar, with more of them getting unlocked as you keep playing. Use the mouse to move around the map, and click to attack other avatars when you encounter them, and if you have a bigger weapon, you win the duel, get even stronger, and earn more points.

To grow bigger and become more powerful, don't hesitate to collect as many energy dots from across the map, while also being on the lookout for upgrades and cool stuff you might also be able to find, and then collect. Level up, and do your best to climb the rankings as high as possible!

Let's begin the fun right now, only here, and then maybe share this game with friends as well, since sharing is caring!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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