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What are Marvel Games?

Marvel Games are the best to play for all superhero fans all around the world, and we recommend them to you even if you are more of a DC fan since it seems that the ones from this comic book money machine are more popular at the moment. How could they not be? In 2007 we saw the release of Iron Man, the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), a movie that became a box-office hit despite the fact that the hero at its center was a D-tier character in terms of popularity. Since then, the franchise has been a juggernaut, and that is why today you can play so many amazing superhero games featuring characters from their roaster, with the best of them being found here!

Marvel: The Infinity Saga and Beyond!

After Iron Man, the superhero alter-ego in a tech suit conceived by Tony Stark made his debut, Nick Fury of SHIELD, a secret government organization started gathering other superheroes for what was called the Avengers Initiative:

  • Captain America: a super-soldier created by the Americans in the Second World War got frozen under the sea, and has been transported to modern times, with him leading this new team.
  • The Hulk: that is who Dr. Bruce Banner transforms into when he gets angry because of a gamma radiation incident he got exposed to during one of his experiments, and he is the strongest hero, no doubt.
  • Black Widow, a former Russian agent who crossed sides and can kick anyone's butt, men, women, or aliens, and Hawkeye, a SHIELD operative who is the world's most skilled bowman.
  • Thor, the God of Thunder of planet Asgard has super-strength and wields Mjolnir, a magical hammer, and has become a protector of Earth, even if he comes from another world.

Together they teamed up to defeat Loki and his invading aliens in the BATTLE OF NEW YORK, cementing the legacy of the Avengers team. Over the years, there has been turmoil in their ranks, with them eventually breaking up and changing line-ups quite often, adding new allies such as Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Vision, Falcon, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel, Shang-Chi, and more!

Together, all these heroes and many others had to put beside all of their differences to save the literal universe after Thanos erased half of it with the Infinity Stones. Many died, but thanks to their sacrifice, things got back to normal for a while, until we saw the opening of the MULTIVERSE, as we now have pathways to other universes in the same cinematic world, which will see the introduction of other fan-favorite Marvel superheroes: X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Blade, Daredevil, Deadpool.

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Of course, what this page aims to do is reunite all of these characters together in one spot, since most of them already have their own categories that we recommend you visit, but this makes it easier for you to find them. Save the world with these heroes yourself in some amazing Avengers Games, if you want the whole team together, or individually learn the abilities and stories of each hero with their specific entries, because either way, you will fight, run, jump, fly, attack, defend, strategize, and, most importantly to do for all the heroes, SAVE people from harm, since with great power comes great responsibility.