Incredible Monster

Incredible Monster

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Incredible Monster
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Incredible Monster Overview

We present you Incredible Monster! In this cool 3D fighting game you must save the city from the bad guys by attacking them and defeating them in a fistfight! You are playing as the Incredible Hulk, you can also choose multiple variants of Hulk.

There are 3 hulks in the game, the purple one, the red one, and the blue one. The purple Hulk is the weakest one having the least stamina and power, the red Hulk is in the middle of the two, having better stamina and power than the purple Hulk but less than Blue Hulk. You need to buy Buyle Hulk by purchasing him with coins that you collect when finishing a mission.

There are several missions that you can complete. Each mission has a set of levels that you need to go through to finish the mission. The number of enemies and their location are shown to you on the map and you have to defeat all of them. Hulk has a special attack that needs time to recharge, this attack will create a shockwave and defeat all enemies in the area of the shockwave. ​

Time to defeat the enemies!

How to play?

Use WASD to move, X for special attack, and use the mouse to attack and look around.

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