Playground: Sandbox

Playground: Sandbox

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Playground: Sandbox
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Playground: Sandbox Overview


Playground: Sandbox is a game that is actually comprised of three mini-games, all with popular formats in themselves, where you get to play with all sorts of toys, ragdolls, and other avatars like that, which we are sure you will greatly enjoy, just like we did, and we will explain more about what is to be done right now!

Enter our Playground: Sandbox online right now!

Here are the games and what you do in them:

  1. In Platformer, you walk and jump using the arrows and spacebar, as you need to collect coins, avoid traps and dangers, and reach the end of each course.
  2. For the Angry Ragdolls games, shoot ragdolls from the slingshot to hit the other ones on the map and take them all down.
  3. With Flappy Ragdolls, tap to go through the sets of tunnels and keep flapping through them to reach far and get a lot of points.

Good luck, the very best we want to wish you, and we hope you're not stopping here, as more great games are always in the works here, as you can see day after day!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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ЯЮниор - школа программирования

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