Car Crash Sandbox Race Simulator 3D

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What is Car Crash Sandbox Race Simulator 3D?

Car Crash Sandbox Race Simulator 3D

Car Crash Sandbox Race Simulator 3D is going to be an action-packed game with cars for boys and men that no visitors of our website should be missing out on right now, girls as well, since we're sure that you are going to have simply a blast with it from start to finish, literarily, as you try to crash cars and make them go boom in creative ways!

Try our Car Crash Sandbox Race Simulator 3D online right now!

For the controls, with which we are starting off, use the WAD keys for driving, and use the mouse to move the camera around and see better for yourselves. If you're playing on a mobile device, worry not, as there are on-screen touch controls for you to use!

If you choose the sandbox mode, you will be given a whole map to play around with, where you get to even set things up how you like them, and drive the cars to destroy them in a creative way. Destroy the cars according to the challenges you get if you are playing in the crash test mode.

In the pursuit mode, you have to catch other cars and bump into them to take them off the course, but in the racing mode, well, you do it with the goal of being the first one that crosses the finish line.

We're pretty sure we summed things up quite well, so you should now be ready to give the game your best, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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