Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race

Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race

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Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race
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Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race Overview


Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race is going to be one of the most unique racing games online in 3D you get to play today on our website, not only on computers, but on mobile devices if you wish as well, and we say it is unique because you don't often get to have drawing inside of these car games, but here it fits wonderfully, and we will now explain just how!

We now invite all boys and men to play Draw Crash Race: Stunt Race online!

Before each race you are taking part in, use the mouse to draw the car you are going to drive with your stickman, and if you make it really useful and aerodynamic, you will be able to get ahead of the other racers faster. Of course, you aim to be the first one crossing the finish line to win the race, which allows you to earn more money to make the cars better.

The tracks in the races are not that easy, remember, because all sorts of traps and obstacles are added, so make sure not to crash, but use the speed boosts if you see them by crossing over them. To race the cars afterward, use WASD or the ARROWS. Draw awesome cars, race them to victory, and have fun right at this moment, you shall not regret it!

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