Tennis Champ

Tennis Champ

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Tennis Champ
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Tennis Champ Overview


Tennis Champ is one of the most beautiful and interesting 3D tennis games created in Unity that you can play from your mobile or tablet.

The sports games are interesting because they challenge us more than all the others, and besides this, you will see that each of the athletes we have here on the website, manage to play these games in the sports categories best because they know the most well how to practice this sport in reality.

As you can see, in this game there are two tennis players, and on the sidelines are the supporters of both players. The game will automatically equip you with the specific tennis equipment, and the tennis paddle and the ball will have to be bought depending on the money you have. Each winner and the set will bring you bonus points that you can use to upgrade your equipment or change your character with the game you play.

For a balanced tennis match, we will have to have a referee, who is not missing from this game and who is climbing on a high chair above the net that separates the two tennis courts. The referee will assign each point, be careful if the ball goes off the ground or if one of the players cheats; at the same time, the referee will also nominate the winner of the match.

After a while, the color of the terrain will change, which is why you have to be very careful about the game because if you are not focused you can lose points in these difficult moments of the game. The score is passed on the placards behind the tennis stadium, so you can watch whenever you want the score between the players.

How to play?

you have to swipe the screen using the mouse, or the mobile phone touch to hit the ball.

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