Tennis Physics

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Tennis Physics
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What is Tennis Physics?

Tennis Physics

Tennis Physics is here to prove just how awesome 2 player tennis games online are, and of course, they would, since playing sports games is always more fun with another real person, even if we're talking about doing it virtually, just like it is the case right now.

Tennis Physics: a two-player sports game online!

Use the W key and the Up key to jump with your tennis players, two for each player, using only one key if playing in the 1P mode and facing off with the computer, and use the special touch controls if you're on a mobile device.

The rules are quite simple: hit the balls with the rackets of your players and make them hit the opposing side, and if your opponent does not send the ball back, you win a point. They will attempt to do the same thing.

We wish you all the best, fun as only here is possible after which you're invited to check out even more of our daily content, you can always bet we have fun surprises for you!

How to play?

Use the W, and Up arrow keys.

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