Starr Drops

Starr Drops

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Starr Drops
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Starr Drops Overview


Starr Drops is our latest simulator game online with action, hypercasual, idle clicker, gacha, and so many other formats all thrown into one, resulting in one of the best experiences we could be providing you with today on our website, even better if you like Brawl Stars Games, which is the universe this game is set in, so allow us to teach you more about it, so you can begin right now!

Get the Starr Drops of Brawl Stars online!

Open the Star Drops, and use them to buy new brawlers and skins, but you can also open up pins, icons, and sprays. The goal is to get more rare items and characters than other players who are now working at the same thing as you, and if you want to challenge yourselves, there are events to play as well.

You might get thrown into a maze where you shoot other brawlers and open up chests to get your rewards, for example. Use the keyboard and mouse, and you have touch controls if you are playing on a phone or tablet.

There is so much fun waiting for you one click away, well, many, as this is still a clicker game at its core, and we hope you start it sooner rather than later, so you've got all the time in the world to finish it!

How to play?

Use the mouse and keyboard.

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