Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Car Eats Car Evil Cars

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Car Eats Car Evil Cars
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Car Eats Car Evil Cars Overview


Car Eats Car Evil Cars is the 4th version of the Car Ears Cars game, but this time the game is much more interesting and captivating because you will have to be on the side of evil, on the devil's side in a crazy race you have to ride. go through every time you start the mission.

Before the car races you will have to get acquainted with the small and red car, well known from previous versions of the game, but this time you will have to start your race with a wheel of luck that you must turn in order to benefit from certain advantages right from the beginning of the game. In this sense you will be able to choose between + 5% energy, + 2 bombs or dynamites that you can use to bomb the cars that want to pass you, + 10% on the attack, + 10% diamonds that you can use to improve your car, and finally + 10% for the shield against the enemies.

As I told you, the roles change this time, you will have to devour the cars that participate in the races using the green conveyor that can eat the other cars using the bonnet. As you can see, during the route you will encounter all kinds of interesting objects that we advise you to collect to become even better, and in this way, you will be able to win missions and evolve in this devil game. Use the power of the NOS to manage to drive faster and catch the cars in front of you, and when you are near them, you will need to eat them and collect the red diamonds that appear when you manage to destroy one of them. those cars.

The next thing you will need to consider is that along the route you will see all kinds of obstacles, huge giants that you will have to guard against in order not to be destroyed, hills over which you will have to jump and many more. , and at the end of the level, you will be congratulated if you manage to destroy all the cars and you will have a report on how many red diamonds you managed to collect, how many cars you killed and a total of the diamonds collected and obtained by destroying the cars.

You can go to the garage after each race to upgrade your car, and in this way, you will be able to upgrade the speed of your car, Damage, Turbo, or Armor. At the bottom right you have bombs and gadgets. In the Gadgets menu, you have a rocket launcher, freezing rays, magnet, bomb duplicator, and EMP Emitter.

Depending on how much money you can change your car, but in the beginning you will receive a free car called Gator, but the following is a combination in its name "harvester", followed by Archiver, Locomachines, Berserker, Beetle, Francopstein - the police cars that try to stop you, Carocop, Rabbitster, Scorpio, Cockchafer, Tankominator, Alligator, Turtle, Coal, Blizzard, Eddy, Hovercraft. You will have the following levels: Friendopedia, Incubator or Policepedia that you will have to finish as soon as possible to start new missions.

How to play?

use the arrows to drive and the mouse to navigate in the menu.

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