Jack's Skeleton Yard

Jack's Skeleton Yard

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Jack's Skeleton Yard
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Jack's Skeleton Yard Overview


Jack's Skeleton Yard is going to be one of the best new hypercasual shooting games online in 3D with surviving elements, one that is retro and pixelated, and, even better, it is set on Halloween, one of the most celebrated holidays for children all around the world, with us inviting you to play it now, no matter when and where, as you will have a total blast, blasting away, of course!

Shoot the skeletons in Jack's Skeleton Yard online!

With the mouse or touch controls, you move Jack-O-Lantern around the premises of his house, his yard, where skeletons are attacking him from all directions, and you need to shoot them down until you reach a 100% completion rate.

As you defeat them and earn coins, use them to buy and place turrets and other weapons along the yard, as you need defenses, and get some new upgrades between levels as well, because they become more difficult as you advance.

If the skeletons attack you too much and you lose your health bar, you will lose, which forces you to restart the level all over again from scratch, obviously.

We wish you the best of times, as you deserve to play all our games, even more, the original ones, after which we invite you to check out even more of them, you are not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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