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Papa's Freezeria
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Papa's Freezeria Overview


Papa's Freezeria is a management and cooking game in which you must perfect yourself in a gelateria where you can prepare the tastiest cold snacks. The entire activity of the game is located on Calypso Island, where Papa Louie has the most famous ice cream shop, and you, as a player, will have to take his place until the business owner goes on vacation by boat to his family. Papa Louie shows him the whole building with the main utensils and equipment with which you can prepare the tastiest ice creams, after which you will have to get down to business.

Before starting the game, you will have to choose which character you want to be, and here you have two options:

  • Alberto is the male character with a beak and a gel cutter. He is dressed in overalls and wears a beret on his head.
  • Penny is the female character who has medium brown hair and is dressed in a striped dress.


The game activity is divided into four stations:


  1. Order Station: Here, you will have to be in front of the store, where you will have direct contact with customers. In this room, you receive your customers, talk with them about what kind of snack they want you to make, write down the order they give you, and return the food when it is finished to collect the money.
  2. Build Station: Here, you start sundaes with mixables and syrups. Practically, this is the station where you Station the ingredients and build the base of the ice cream.
  3. Mix Station: Blend and Freeze sundaes here; you have four mixers at maximum capacity and two automatic lines, one for the preparation that enters this room and one for the preparation that is completed to leave this station.
  4. Top Station: The station gives free rein to your imagination and creativity because this is the last step before presenting your creation to the client. You can color the ice cream according to the client's wishes and add toppings (strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream, cherries, and Oreo cookies) to your product.
What will you have to do in the Papa's Freezeria game?

First, you will have to open the door wide so that customers walking on the street notice that the gelateria is open and can buy ice cream. After your first customer (Mandi) enters the ice cream shop, you must take a notebook and write down his order. Please pay attention to the details he tells you because they will help you prepare the product the customer desires in the smallest detail.

After receiving the order, you must take the paper on which you wrote down the order and enter production. Depending on how much ice cream the customer wants, you must take a glass and put the ice cream base in it. Here, you will have to pay attention to the indicator that tells you exactly how much ice cream to put (when it is green, then you can stop), after which you can go to the next step, where you will have to add the flavor. Once you have the base of ingredients in the glass, you must go to the mixer to homogenize them; pay attention to the indicator that tells you exactly how long you must mix the ingredients to have a perfect texture.

The last step is to go to the previous station, where you must complete your preparation. Depending on the information the customer gave you in the order, you must put the toppings, flavors, whipped cream, or biscuits on the ice cream.
The final step is to present your dish to the customer. Depending on how you prepare this dessert, you will be rewarded with money and a tip.

Use the money from the game to develop your business and evolve.

The money you make in the game will help you automate your business. You can buy utensils that automatically dose ice cream or alarms telling you when to wait in the mixer room. Using the money, you can make upgrades, including to your machines, or buy bigger and better-performing ones. Money also helps you buy new pieces of furniture, which adds value to your business, and in this way, the customers will be even happier and will want to come to your gelateria more often and spend more time there.

Tips and Tricks for Papa's Freezeria

Paying attention to the order you receive from the customer is most important. Try to respect it rigorously and avoid mistakes. Another essential aspect is timing. Try to fit in a relatively short time for the preparation of the dessert.

Why was the Papa's Freezeria game not working?

Considering that this game is a flash game, and it works by emulating it with the help of Ruffle, we advise you to reload the game using the reload button above the game. If this does not help you either, we advise you to delete your cookies on your browser.

How to play?

Use the mouse to play Papa's Freezeria.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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