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Papa's Pastaria

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Papa's Pastaria Overview


It is time to test your knowledge and craftsmanship of Italian food with Papa Pastria. Part of a series of free Papa Louie Games online, Papa Pastria throws players in the heart of Italy in exchange for a plane ticket for a wedding.

Papa Pastria Online: Gameplay

When starting Papa Pastria, like most Papa Louie Games, you have three save slots to choose from. You can select any save slot if you are starting brand-new to the game. You are then prompted to create your character. The character you choose does not affect your gameplay at all, but you can select from Doan, Utah, or you can create your own custom worker.

Once you have finished creating your character, a cutscene will play to explain the backstory. You are invited to the wedding of Edoardo and Olga in Portallini. You have already committed to the wedding but are finding no rooms available. What are you going to do? Fortunately, a room does show up after filtering the search results, but it comes with a catch: An airline ticket and an employee manual to start your new job at Papa Pastria.

When you arrive at Papa Pastria you start Day 1. Day 1 is simply a training day, so do not feel too overwhelmed by the stations. Unlike other Papa Louie games, Papa Pastria has four stations instead of three:

  •     Order Station
  •     Cook Station (Boiling Station)
  •     Build Station
  •     Bread Station

The Order Station is the same for any other Papa Louie game. The customer comes in and you place the ticket on the line, and you drag the ticket down in the cook station.

The cook station looks a little different this time, as all you do is take the correct pasta type and place it into the water. You must wait until the customer’s desired pasta cook level.

Once you are done, you put the pasta onto the plate and move to the build station. Here, you put the sauce and the toppings on the pasta.

After your pasta is complete, you then move to the bread station. Once you slide the bread through the conveyer, it is time to have the customer assess your cooking and pasta-building skills.

Here are some Papa Pastria tips to help you maximize your profits.

Papa Pastria Tips

โ—    You can shake the pasta strainer to get it to strain faster if you are running low on time. However, you may lose some noodles if you shake too fast. Losing noodles means losing points at the end.
โ—    There is a “Grab-A-Roni” pasta-related mini-game where you win prizes with golden tickets earned through gameplay.
โ—    Have a strong start before the game gets too chaotic. You want to upgrade your doorbell to let you know when customers enter, a cook booster to cook your food faster, and an alarm to alert you when it is time to stir and strain your pasta.

Do not forget to stir the pasta halfway through cooking, and good luck earning the money you need for the wedding!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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