Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack

Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack

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Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack
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Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack Overview


Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack is the game that started off the popularity of Papa Louie Games, which began as RPG platform-adventure games, seen and depicted in this one that you're going to play right here and now for free, but then it created a lot of spin-offs over the years in the shape of the Arcade games, which are business-management games with restaurant cooking and serving elements, where, when you're done with this game, we're inviting you to work.

Trust us, it's really fun to cook pizza, tacos, ice cream, and more!

When Pizzas Attack, save Papa Louie!

Unfortunately for everyone involved, us and you included, food is not our friend in this game. Well, at least when it was magically transformed into real beings by Onion Ring, the villain of this game, who made the pizzas into monsters. They then took all of Papa's customers away, and he loves his clients, so he is set on going on a quest like no other to save them, and face his own creations! Are you ready to join the adventure?

How can I become Papa Louie?

Well, assuming control of this character is easy, using the right and left arrow keys for moving in these two directions, and when he needs to jump, press space. What would he be jumping over? Well, being a platform game, there are pits and holes in the ground, there are platforms that are higher up to get to, and, of course, the various enemies, dangers, and traps!

When mid-air, you can glide down hills and even use it as a form of attack by pressing and holding space while you are flying!

Speaking of enemies, when you get near the demonic food, you can swing at them with your spatula by pressing the Z key. Hit before you are eaten! The poised walk is a combo attack where you hold down Z and move left and right, and when near your foe, you release the keys to make the attack happen.

Pepper is your friend, as you can use it as a special attack, which you do by pressing the X key.

Your customers are your friends, so save them!

As previously mentioned, reaching the end of each level with its own specific locations and maps (the Multigrain Fields, or the Pasta Jungle Ruins), is not enough, because your customers who were inside the pizzeria were all kidnapped by the monster food, so find them in cages and release them, or anywhere else they were posted. In tricky situations, they have their own skills, and they might help you out!

How to play?

Move using the ARROW keys, press the SPACEBAR for jumping, and use Z for swing attacks, X for pepper attacks.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try finding the three coins hidden in each world to get a perfect performance!
  • You've got five lives. Don't lose them, but if you lose one, find new hearts through the maps to stay ahead.
  • Transform pizza monsters into boxes, and then stand on the scale to pull up the cage holding the customers captive to finish each level/rescue mission!

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