Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack

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What is Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack?

Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack

It is time for something different with the Papa Louie franchise. Papa Louie - When Pizzas attack, is a unique game on the list of free Papa Louie Games to play online. You must save Papa Louie’s customers from evil ingredients!

Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack Gameplay

Papa Louie loves his parties. Unfortunately, a party at Papa’s Pizzeria is cut short when Onion Ring comes in and compromised the orders. All the pizzas in the store turn into Pizza monsters and they take all of Papa Louie’s customers. His customers have been whisked away to faraway lands where the player must use the power of the pizza paddle to be the hero of the story.

Roy and Papa Louie must find all the customers in cages. The first customer, known as Big Pauly, provides pepper bombs to the players, at a price, but they help with getting through the Pizza Monsters’ defenses.

The controls for Papa Louie are similar to any side-scroller adventure. Use the left and right arrows to walk, the spacebar makes players jump, pressing the space bar twice will make players double jump.

There is a finite amount of Pizza Monsters on each stage. When they are defeated, they turn into pizza boxes. Once the customer is freed by standing on the scale with the pizza boxes, they will give you a key to the next level.

Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack Tips

●    The coins look optional, but they are very helpful in getting the required upgrades and items so you can save the customers. You also get achievements for getting a certain number of coins.
●    Holding Z will make the player do a charged attack, while pressing Z does a normal attack.
●    Get used to the bouncing of the pepper bombs. They do bounce twice after being thrown in an arc and do take practice to master.
●    Do not worry about losing a heart or two. Obviously, you do not want to lose all of your heart (because you’ll get thrown to the beginning of the level), but don’t get too stressed about losing a heart or two.

Save Papa’s customers and get back to the pizza party!


Flipline Studios

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How to play?

Use the arrows to move, and SPACE BAR to jump.