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What are Fighting Games?

Why play fighting games? Easy, most of them are very funny and plenty of them are 2 player challenges in which you can have a great time playing with one of your friends, and starting from today, the new action games category here on our website is going to help you find easier all of your favorite online games with all of your favorite characters from movies or cartoons.

What can you fight with

Inside the games that you are going to find inside the this category, you will see how you can fight with monsters, zombies, movie stars, stickman characters, 3D characters and a lot of cartoon characters like superheroes that are very well known for their combat skills, and all you have to do starting from today is to access our category and search for the type of game that you like, click it and start enjoying it over and over again, alone or with your friends.

The games will be very different from each other, and you dear kids will have to make sure that in the games with known characters like the Hulk, Henry Danger, Batman, the Oddbods or Mao Mao and the Heroes of Pure Heart characters will be with different kinds of fights, different kinds of weapons like swords, hammers, bats or just fist fighting.

There are plenty of exciting games for boys in which you are going to fight in special sports events, which are mostly held in big arenas and have large crowds, so you can feel like a real athlete. These games are very popular here on our website, and you can always find them in the Sports games category as well, and in which you can practice boxing, kickboxing, K1, karate, Sumo or martial arts, and once your training will be over, you can start going to tournaments and make sure that you can win match after match and so you can win entire competitions so you can win medals and cups.

During all of these types of apps, there are going to be different ways in which you can control your avatars, and that will be with the A, S, W, D keys or the ARROW keys to move around the map, dodge the jabs, the hits and the kicks of your opponents, and many of the challenges will have additional controls like Z, X, C or I, O, P in the action and adventure challenges in which you can see that you will have special hits, different types of hits like punches, kicks, air kicks or special powers that you can use only if you press a specific button to activate. The MOUSE will be also an option for the default controls of the game because dear kids the game might have visible buttons that you can click only with the mouse.

Fighting with Superheroes

The world needs to become a better place, and today dear kids you can see that we are bringing for you a very special set of superheroes, in which you are going to meet amazing games with special characters from Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, or Nickelodeon and you can see that they will all need your help to start fighting their opponents and defeat them in order to keep the world safe and make sure that their adventures can continue right here on our website.

The Disney Channel superheroes like Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir will have for you amazing challenges in which you and Ladybug will have to help Cat Noir keep the streets of Paris safe from all the thieves, criminals, and outlaws, and that will be found inside the adventures that they have prepared for you. Move around the city, find the thieves, and start to use Ladybug's and Cat Noir's special powers and abilities to defeat your opponents.

From NIckelodeon, there are more heroes that we count, so we are just going to start by saying that Henry Danger is one of them. Henry Danger for those who do not know him yet is a teenage hero that is dressed mostly like Captain America, and he is an older's hero sidekick and tries to keep the world safe from monsters, dinosaurs, aliens, and all kinds of dangers that you will find inside his challenges. Also from Nickelodeon, you will manage to find the Super Brawl games, which are filled with amazing characters like the Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob, or the Power Rangers.

Cartoon Network also has its representatives in this category, because characters like Ben 10, Mao Mao, and the Heroes of Pure Hear, Finn and Jake, and many others will have amazing adventures and action challenges in which you are going to fight against their enemies. Animals, monsters, and different types of creatures can be found inside games like Mao Mao Helly of the Beast, Oddbods Ninja Knockout, Ben 10 Bug Attack, Gumball Bro Squad or the We Bare Bears Polar Force.

All these applications have one thing in common, that they are for boys that love action and love to fight in order to keep their brothers, sisters, and their parents safe, and you will start to help them do that throughout the category because all the kids on our website are depending on you guys starting from today to keep planet Earth safe by defeating all of its enemies.

Where can we fight

These new challenges and adventures are going to be very interesting, and today dear kids you can see how many levels, rooms, sports arenas and even different worlds, galaxies, and planets you can explore through these new challenges.

Because the fighting games that we are going to present are going to be very different, you dear kids can see that the worlds you are going to play in will be the same, so the animals, monsters, characters, heroes or superheroes from movies will help you adapt and make sure that you will manage to gain points through the challenges by defeating their opponents one by one.

You can see that the Teen Titans Go, Henry Danger, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the real heroes like Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, the Hulk or even the female superheroes like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel or Super Woman and all the DC Superhero Girls characters like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn are going to be present on our website, and they are going to play on the streets of different cities of the world or if it's a space mission, you will manage to find out which are the closest or the farther planets from Earth.

The animal characters will usually be played in the middle of nature, so you will be beside a creek, in the middle of the woods, in a park and even in zoos, where you have to defend all the other animals from evil people.

All the sports activities like doing karate like in the American Dad vs Family Guy Kung Fu will be played inside a dojo that will look very realistic, so if you would want to do karate but you want to get used to it, you can find our karate or kung fu, jujitsu or capoeira games here on our website and see how the characters are dressed and where the sport will take place through the entire game. Boxing games will be played in two different spaces, because dear boys and girls you can see that you can even box in the gym where usually there's training going on or, in a very big arena with the stands filled with people cheering for their favorite athlete.