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What are Madness Games?

Madness Games is a category that once again shows the power of the internet, where even flash animations can become franchises that are beloved all across the world, even generating playable games with the characters that were animated by the team behind the videos, which then crossed over into other categories of our website, like it was the case with the many FNF Games with Madness Hank and Tricky that we've had here, in addition to many other characters as well!

The animation series is mainly drawn by Matt Jolly, known as Krinkels, and the musical scores are developed by Sean Hodges, who is known on the internet as Cheshyre. Newgrounds is the main platform they were released on, with the videos then crossing over to YouTube and other platforms as well, and the whole saga is now split into various arcs, for a total of fifteen episodes so far:

Who are the main characters featured in our Madness Games online?

Well, the main one is Hank J. Wimbleton, who wears a black coat and red glasses and is always out there in Nevada having to battle his many foes. One of them is Jesus, who has supernatural powers and can create zombies from dead people. Tricky the Clown is another iconic antagonist, who is crazy, and who eventually evolved into a powerful demon, after what was supposed to be his death. The Sheriff does not have many fighting skills, but he is still a powerful nemesis, who was preceded in his role by The Auditor, who instead has many magical skills.

These many enemies have formed the Agency against Hank Wimbleton, as they are always intent on killing him because he is messing up with their bad plans for Nevada, the main location where the brutal fights are happening, where our protagonist is usually aided by Sanford and Deimos, secondary protagonists who have become his allies over the course of the story.

The series is known for its trademark brutal fights, where Hank has to deal with all these crazy characters, and he usually defeats them in quite creative ways. But, if you play our games with Madness online for free, you also get the chance of making those kills yourselves!

Get your fight on with the best Madness Games online unblocked!

Before you get to play the fighting games on this page, make sure to watch some of the videos, as our team has brought them over as well, such as Madness Combat 6, but we also have some of its sequels, AND, prequels. Other than that, the Madness Combat Games online here are usually fighting games, one-on-one or maybe even street fighting ones where you have rows of enemies to defeat, but either way, make sure to help Hank or other characters stay alive as they take on all the enemies, and try to see how many awesome fight moves you can make! Try out Madness: Off-Color Online right now to see all about that! Good luck!