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Dino Duels

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Dino Duels
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Dino Duels Overview


Dinosaur racing games is not something that you get to experience just any day, which is why we are delighted to share with you all right now a game such as Dino Duels, belonging to the Dino Dan Games series, which has always had only the best games with dinosaurs in the world!

You have to prove that your dinosaurs are faster than random animals that now exist, unlike the dinos. You then pick the dinosaur you think would be faster than the given animal. For each of the five laps that the race lasts for you will use a different dinosaur, so pick wisely!

At the end of each race you can see the stats, so remember the speeds of the dinosaurs, so you can select them better in further races! Click on the Next Lap button, and then pick the dinosaur for that one. The team with the most laps won becomes the winner of this speed race!

When the boost meter is full, click on the Boost button when the claw is over the green area for the biggest boost possible, or the yellow ones for a lower boost. Don’t click on the red zones. Your energy bar slowly comes back after using boosts.

Can you prove yourself a dinosaur expert, and win all the races? We hope you do, so start the dino-racing fun right now!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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