Santas Chimney Trouble

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What is Santas Chimney Trouble?

Santas Chimney Trouble

Christmas Time is upon us and Santa is here to spread Christmas cheer to all the little good girls and boys. Unfortunately, you decided to go with a fake chimney that doesn’t connect to the safety of the Christmas tree below. You will need to connect your fake fireplace to your fake chimney before Santa arrives.

Creating A Path For Santa

The main goal of the game is to build a path for Santa before he arrives. Sometimes you’ll finish early, so if you do, you can click “I’m ready” to have Santa come.

Santa’s Behavior

Your pathway between the chimney and the fireplace is not going to be perfect. As long as there’s a connection, Santa can possibly make it. However, Santa has certain climbing behaviors:

●    Santa’s preferred direction is down. If you have a block that has multiple directions, Santa will go down first.
●    If there’s no way to go down, then Santa will go left.
●    If there is no down or left, then Santa will go right.
●    If there is no down, left, or right, then Santa will go up.

Tips For Maximizing Your Points In Santa’s Chimney Trouble

●    If you click “I’m Ready” before the timer starts, you will get more points at the end of the level.
●    If Santa enters a square he didn’t go in before, you get more points.
●    If you optimize your path and don’t have any open ends to a block that doesn’t lead to anything, you’ll get more points.
●    If you have to use a bulldozer, you lose points.

General Tips For Santa’s Chimney Trouble

●    Plan ahead! You can see an upcoming block at the top right. This helps you plan your path ahead of time.
●    Don’t be too worried about maximizing points. If the block doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t make sense. Don’t worry about trying to avoid using the bulldozer. It’s there for a reason, even if you do lose points when using it.

Merry Christmas!

How to play?

Use the mouse to create Santa's chimney.

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