Pocket Battle Royale

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Pocket Battle Royale
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What is Pocket Battle Royale?

Pocket Battle Royale

Pocket Battle Royale is the perfect mini-version and compact edition of a game that features all the elements you love so much about battle royale games online, of which we have had increased the numbers on our website, and this one will also make for quite a brilliant addition!

Can you survive the world of the Pocket Battle Royale?

There are two heroes you can become in this game, one boy, one girl:

  • Nathan - Crimson Neon
  • Alice - Bluish Purple

Move with the mouse/finger, by holding them, and when you are close enough to an enemy and they are in the weapons range, you will shoot at them automatically. They will shoot back at you, of course, but when you defeat them and leave the battle, you can earn your health back.

Move next to chests and stand on them to open them up, after which you can stand on the object inside of them to collect it, so use any new weapons or power-ups you find to your advantage. Reach the end of each course by defeating and shooting down all your enemies, and advance to the next battle after that!

Start this action-packed adventure right now, and make sure to tell your friends about it too, they won't regret playing this game even for a bit!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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