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Home Sheep Home is the first chapter in a series of puzzle-adventure games with Shaun the Sheep! In it, Shaun needs to lead his pack of sheep back home, after they got lost, just like in the first movie in the franchise, released a few years ago. They're no longer on the farm, they're in the whole wide world. They don't know much about it, so you will be their perfect guide! Can you take Shaun, Shirley, and Tummy back in their home barn?

Play Home Sheep Home and start the adventure!

Your first obstacle is the bridge, because it is not there. You still have a huge plank of wood, and you can use it as a bridge. Take the sheep and push it, so that it goes over the other side. Then, one by one, cross the bridge you've just made to get to the other side.

Another obstacle can be the blocks of hey. They are heavy, so use the heaviest sheep to knock it down. That's Shirley, with Shaun being the second-largest, and Tummy is a small sheep, as he's just a child. Knock down the obstacles, and pass.

See that bridge hanging by ropes. Put one sheep on it, and then use the other sheep to push it. Swing over to the other side, one by one. These are just the first three levels, but they mostly work in the same way, all fifteen!

Teamwork between sheep is the key to solving the puzzles!

Use the innate abilities and the different sizes of the sheep to solve the puzzles. To change between them you use the number keys 1, 2, and 3. You can then move and jump with them using the arrow keys.

Alternate between the sheep to clear each path, and then get to the end of the levels. They get more difficult, but your puzzle-solving skills also improve along the way. Your time should also improve. You are timed in each level. Try to clear them fast.

No sheep left behind!

If even one of the sheep falls into pits, or gets taken down by other traps, you lose the level. You need to guide all the three sheep to their destinations. If you fail, press R to restart the level, and think up of a better strategy to advance.

This is a game that takes brains and brawns, and we're sure our smart players have enough of both, so start right now!

How to play?

Use the arrows and 1, 2, 3 keys.

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