Skiing Fred

Skiing Fred

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Skiing Fred
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Skiing Fred Overview


Welcome, all to Skiing Fred, which is a game heavily inspired by the Subway Surfers Games category, precisely why it finds itself in it, but it features a brand new character named Fred, a red-haired boy who is now being chased by death itself while he is skiing, not surfing, so help him survive the cold harsh winter and snow tracks while getting a score as big as possible in this endless game!

Help Fred ski and escape Death!

Steering is done using the arrow keys, and know that along the course you have to try and collect as many Skullies (skull icons) as possible to increase your score, having a certain amount you need to get in a level to pass it, which is also true for the distance you have to make.

Over some of the obstacles you encounter you need to jump, and to do so you are going to press the spacebar. Watch out for other things such as penguins, roadblocks, meteor showers, rotating spikes, and other traps/obstacles that are meant to kill you.

Collect chests for multiple points to be received in one go, use ramps to get the skullies in the air, and any power-ups you might find are useful, so grab them! Good luck to you, we wish you all the best, and hope to see more of you on our website, where fun games are always coming for you!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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