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Running Fred

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Running Fred
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Running Fred Overview


It is time to run, Fred! Running Fred is a running simulator where you are chased by a grim reaper-type creature known as “Grimmy.” For a creature who wants to put the fear of death in you, he is very helpful during the tutorial stage of Running Red.

Running Fred Gameplay

When you start the Running Fred game, you are introduced to the only two characters in the game: Fred and Grimmy. Grimmy is the grim reaper that is chasing Fred in the start menu. The start menu has four options to choose from:

●    Adventure Mode: The main mode of Running Fred. This is where you play the main game as it progressively gets harder.
●    Survival Mode: Survival Mode is a little more difficult than adventure mode, so you should try adventure mode first before doing survival mode. The last thing you want to do is get overwhelmed with everything that wants to kill you in Running Fred.
●    Challenges: You unlock challenges by progressing through adventure mode.
●    Shop: In the shop, you can upgrade everything from the outfit that Fred wears to some power-ups. You can also get powers, such as a shield and a resurrect. Coins you earn can also unlock new exciting levels for you to earn more challenges and coins.

The controls for Running Fred are quite simple:

●    Left turns Fred to the left
●    Right turns Fred to the right
●    Space Bar or Up makes Fred jump

Now that you are familiar with the gameplay of Running Fred, here are some tips for you to follow.

Running Fred Tips

Grimmy is nice enough to run you through a tutorial course so you can learn how to outrun him before he chops you to pieces.

●    Load up your power-ups to have an edge before the game starts. You cannot use your power-ups during the game, but you also do not want to use your power-ups on easier levels where you will not really need them. Managing your power-ups is essential for keeping your distance between Fred and Grimmy.
●    One thing at a time. You might fall into the habit of looking too far ahead and not focusing on immediate obstacles. There will be saws, gaps, and other obstacles trying to slow you down to Grimmy can cut you to pieces.
●    Do not worry too much about Grimmy behind you. The whole point of Running Fred is to avoid Grimmy, but you can put considerable distance between you and Grimmy by hitting the blue accelerators every time you can. Once you hit the blue accelerator, you will put a decent distance between Fred and Grimmy. At that point, you can focus more on collecting coins.
●    Speaking of collecting coins, do not make dangerous maneuvers that can cost Fred his life. If you notice one of the obstacles is not lining up with Fred, it is better to stay alive than risk dying for an extra coin or two.

Unlock all the levels and beat every challenge as you control Fred through his endless fate of running from the grim reaper!

How to play?

use the arrows to run with Fred.

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