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Running Fred

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Running Fred
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Running Fred Overview


Running Fred is known across the internet as one of the best running and jumping games in 3D, which has taken direct inspiration from games such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers, but this one brings about a totally new character, Fred, who is running away from the demons and creatures of his nightmares, making this also one of the most exciting Halloween Games to play here!

Can you face Fred's demons by running from them? We invite you to do so, just like we did, which is how we can explain what and how to do it!

Escape the nightmares of Running Fred online!

The first mode to do it in is Adventure, where you have a succession of levels, each with new locations, and an increasing level of difficulty. Visit Grisly Manor, the Danger Caves, or the High Stakes! Each of these locations has about ten levels, one more complicated than the last. This is not an endless runner game, because you have a finish line to cross in each stage, checkpoints along the way, and the time it takes to finish each level is measured, so make it low by running fast!

If you want an endless running game, it is included here in the Survival mode, where you get the same locations, but with no end in sight, as your goal is to make a big distance, as big as possible, without dying along the way!

The Challenges mode is one where you are given precise tasks to complete, such as acquiring a number of coins, running against time, or making a certain number of jumps. The challenges here are:

  1. A Taste of Evil
  2. I Saw You
  3. A Double Deepity
  4. Mind Your Skull
  5. Hopper's Delight
  6. Spiky and Spicy
  7. Nearly Possible
  8. Gravity on Strike
  9. A Slice of Life
  10. Malicious Intent
How to play Running Fred:

Control your character using the right and left arrow keys to move in these two directions, and with the spacebar you can jump. You're being chased by Death, or other kinds of monsters, and if you fall behind, you get killed by them, but along the way you need to avoid the pits, the spikes, the walls, and other kinds of traps and dangers, getting past them through jumps and ducking.

Use platforms to jump, ramps to go higher, or take advantage of speed boosts you find on the course to move faster. Collect both silver and gold coins along the courses, as many of them as possible.

The environment, the monsters, the traps, the pits, and the dangers all try to kill Fred, but you have to help him continue running, and when you finish all the levels, you will escape the nightmare and wake up to have a great new day!

How to play?

Use the arrows, and spacebar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Buy skins from the shop: Pirate, Ninja, Vicious, Sir, Undies, Private, or Rocket.
  • Acquire skills: Double Jump, Wall Grip, Wall Bounce, Skully Magnet, Life Slot, Chicken Flap, Fast Recovery, Rubber Bones
  • Get powers on the field or from the shop: Resurrect, Afterburner, Shield, Safety Spring, Panic Power

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