Three Nights at Fred

Three Nights at Fred

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Three Nights at Fred
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Three Nights at Fred Overview


Do you have what it takes to survive Three Nights at Fred? We hope so because you are about to have one of the best new adventure-horror experiences of our website with this amazing new 3D survival game, which we would recommend to you even if you don't regularly play FNAF Games on our website!

Survive Three Nights at Fred and escape with your life!

As the security guard of this haunted pizzeria, you have to survive three nights represented by three levels, and you can pick which animatronic toy will be your enemy:

  • Fred
  • Foxy
  • Fred and Foxy

You can also choose to play in three levels of difficulty, so pick what you are most comfortable with. Now, the controls: move with WASD, run with shift, L to lock cursor, F to pick tools and open doors, C to crouch. Press L to unlock the view and then use the mouse to pick up and put on the glasses.

With the L key, you can also use other tools such as the wrench to start up power lines and the key to open doors. Search the pizzeria for the hidden notes, collecting them all to win the levels, while making sure not to get defeated by the evil animatronics that is chasing you and wants to kill you. Good luck, we wish you the best!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, shift, L, F, C, keys.

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