Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

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What is Five Nights at Freddy’s 4?


If none of the previous Five Nights at Freddy’s Games online had scared you so far, we have a feeling that this one will, as right now you get to play from the comfort of your home, on your browser, the awesome new game called Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, the fourth game in the series, which has more scars, and thus, more fun!

This fourth game in the series changes things a little bit, because instead of the regular setting of a pizzeria where you have to work as a security guard and protect yourself from animatronics, you are actually a child who has to defend himself from his plush toys that have come to life, and are dangerous since they want to kill him.

You start out in the child’s bedroom, with his toys, who are his only friends. He is warned by the dolls of an evil presence, and that is where you start, as you need to survive night after the night, whether it is in the house, in the diner, or other locations in the series where you go to, and something is always chasing you.

Instead of security cameras, to fend off enemies you will be using a flashlight that is unlimited in power. Use them to scare the monsters away, but when that does not work, make sure to close doors to prevent them from entering. Interact with everything around you so that you find the necessary clues to survive the nights and escape the terror!


Five Nights at Freddy’s 4


Use the mouse.



atom in 25.01.2021 18:01

you play minecraft?

A fnaf fan in 23.01.2021 16:17

Many adds before acutal game a bit laggy for me

atom in 20.01.2021 22:52

wow this super scary but i have it on xbox so im used to it

man in 19.01.2021 22:11


Alias in 18.01.2021 09:41

It won’t load

potty kay cousin kay nhai kay doost pee pee in 31.12.2020 08:07

oi pagel tumharay ghar akay potty tumharay moo pay krao ga or tumhari pesi kay bajai pee pee rakh do ga

n_wolffy in 11.12.2020 09:36

its really long to wait

[email protected] in 07.12.2020 22:55

i love it

Mandopanda in 27.11.2020 22:30

Hi it made me start on the 1st one when i was on the 2th one

6187155754 in 25.11.2020 22:32


purple boi 126 in 15.11.2020 02:54

plz come out with a halloween one!!!! its nice!

2.0 in 07.11.2020 02:29

Fun game nothing bad about it

wolfiegang in 07.11.2020 00:10

are y'all gonna make a halloween one or no because u need to make a halloween one plzzzzzz make a halloween one plzzz

grewha in 18.10.2020 21:31

What about the Halloween one?

bottom ka bhai ka naam pee pee hai in 12.08.2020 13:52

oi pagel sun meri bat tumharsy ghar akay mei moo kay uper potty phankoo gaa

potty ka bhai peepee hai in 12.08.2020 13:49


notsarcastic1221 in 03.08.2020 21:52

yo momma XD

khysha in 04.07.2020 08:13

this game is super scrary i love it so much