Alone II

Alone II

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Alone II
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Alone II Overview


Alone II is the second chapter of the horror story you might already know about, but even if not, you can still jump directly into the fun with this game since it follows a similar premise and format as the first game, and we are here to help you through the processes, so you should not be worried about a thing!

Can you survive ALONE Chapter 2 Online?

In the dark, you have to escape from where you ended up, where you are alone, as the title suggests, but to open doors you have to find keys or gas to go into cars and use them, and make sure not to get killed by the monsters around you, or get trapped into their plans.

Use WASD to move about, the mouse to look around, and with the F key you open or close the flashlight, for which you should seek some batteries, so you don't run out of light, which is when the monsters will definitely attack.

You have about one hour of gameplay, maybe half of it if you move fast, so don't get scared, play right now, and tell your friends to come around for fun too!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, and F.

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