Recommended Games

Each day we hand-pick the most interesting games for our players!

There are many ways that you can decide what to play day by day as you come to Play-Games, the best website in the world of browser gaming, no doubt! If you want to be up to date with all that is fresh and trendy, then you check out the New Games page. If you want to play the games that stood the test of times and are most popular, you try the Most Played Games page. If you want to play what other kids are playing, recommending, and voting, then you check out our Most Voted Games.

But, as you will see right now, that is not the only way to discover amazing content on our website. Playing popular games and those that are also played by other kids is great, but you should also definitely give a hard look to this page of Recommended Games, where games are being added and sometimes eliminated with a whole new different criteria.

That is the taste of our administrative team, the people who work very hard to bring you new and fresh games on our website day after day. On this page you will find games that our team checked as recommended, and this means that we encourage you to play them, since they have been tested by our team, with us believing that the games are of a superior quality, and, most importantly they are really fun!

What are some of the best games we recommend you to play?

Well, when it comes to categories that are based around shows airing on popular channels such as Disney, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon, the games in these categories can be either original ones developed by their creators, or fan-made ones created by the fans that love the shows so much. When it comes to high-quality original games that we think are superior to the others in that category, we recommend them.

For example, if you love playing Spider-Man Games, then our recommandation for that category would be the Mysterio Rush game. DNA Decode is the game we would recommend you play from the Ben 10 Games category, and if you want to have fun with SpongeBob and his friends, we highly recommend the board game called Nick Winter Spin and Win!

You will also see that this page includes a lot of original games developed by talented creators just for the internet, and are not based on shows or movies, such as our many Friday Night Funkin Games, FNAF Games, sports games like Tennis Champs, multiplayer experiences like Krunker Io, or fun and funny games such as the gory game called Short Life.

What is certain is that if a game does not pass our criteria for being awesome, fun, entertaining, and maybe even educational, then we would not add it to this page, where we are going to continue curating the content as well as possible, so that you will never go wrong picking to play a game from this page, even if you were to pick it with your eyes closed!