Papa's Donuteria

Papa's Donuteria

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Papa's Donuteria
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Papa's Donuteria Overview


Papas Donuteria is one of the newer Papa Louie games you can play for free online, that has you coming to the town of Powder Point. Sure, having your own Papa Louie Donut Franchise is nice, but the big sell is the Line-Jump Pass for the amusement park that conveniently sits right outside the shop.

Papas Donuteria Gameplay

Would you rather have the great pay and benefits of working in the hottest donut shop in town, Papa Donuteria, or would you rather work next to the craziest ride in the craziest carnival in town? Unfortunately, since you are stuck serving an endless line of customers, you have to save the ride for another day.

Like any game in the Papa’s franchise, you start with your save slot cards. You choose your character, Tony or Scooter, and start your adventure as Papa himself runs off on another adventure of his own.

Get accustomed to the various stations available to you as you listen to the whizzing of the rollercoaster overhead. Mold, prep, fry, fill and top the donuts with icing as your character longs for the Sky Ninja overhead. Fortunately, the sounds of the Sky Ninja are all in your head as the ride itself is down for construction. What else can customers do while they await the reopening of the roller coaster? Eat donuts, of course.

Papas Donuteria Tips

โ—    Do not be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that goes into and onto making a donut. You have dough, shape cutters, sprinkles, drizzles, fillings, and so much more you must manage. Therefore it’s important to upgrade early.
โ—    Speaking of upgrading early, go for the cheaper items and work your way up. Do not worry about going for the cook boosters right away if you are not hearing when customers enter the door. The doorbell is only $30, and it can make a huge difference in the wait time for your customers.
โ—    Go for the quality-of-life upgrades that make more sense for your weaknesses in the game, if you are struggling in the cooking station, then go for an alarm early in the game. Use them as a crutch as you get used to the fast pace of a Papa Louie game.

Get that dough rolling!

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Use the MOUSE to play.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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