Papa's Bakeria

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What is Papa's Bakeria?

Papa's Bakeria

It is time to celebrate 10 years of Papa Louie with Papas Bakeria. Are you able to oversee the most successful bakery inside of the Whiskview Mall? Don’t worry, you’re used to some of the best free Papa Louie games you can play free online.

Papas Bakeria Online: Gameplay

You will see something in Papas Bakeria that you have not seen in previous games: The Sticker Section. When you complete specific tasks in Papas Bakeria, you earn these stickers, which you do alongside unlocking some weird customers.

Of course, most of you are not here for stickers, you are here for the time-management madness of Papa Louie-style games. There is crazy furniture to unlock, tons of upgrades, and hundreds of menu items to deal with.

In Papas Bakeria, you play as Timm, Cecilia, or a custom worker of your own. When you create your character, your character is working their dream job inside of the Whiskview Mall. It is the first day of their dream job, only for them to make the trip to the job and find out that the business they have wanted to work at all their life has gone out of business!

Fortunately, Papa’s Bakeria has open positions.

●    The Order Station where customers walk in with empty stomachs wanting their bakery goods. Keep an eye on the order station occasionally until you get a doorbell upgrade.
●    The Build Station is where you put the dough together.
●    The Bake Station is where you bake the goods to perfection.
●    The Topping Station is where you add the combination of toppings that the customer requests. You also must deal with pourable toppings as well as whips and creams, so do not get too overwhelmed!

Papas Bakeria Tips

●    Speaking of getting overwhelmed, it is easy to do in Papas Bakeria. There is so much going on. If you have played a Papa Louie game before, then you will know that the game can get hectic. Find where your weaknesses are and work on them first to balance out the gameplay.
●    Your weaknesses do have a crutch in Papas Bakeria. Fortunately, there are upgrades you can add to the shop, such as a cook timer in the bake station or a doorbell in the order station, to alert you, audibly, when you need to put your focus on something. It is great for those who lose focus when trying to focus on other stations.

It is not your dream job, but it is Papas Bakeria!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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