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Papa's Bakeria
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Papa's Bakeria Overview


Papa's Bakeria is your latest chance to cook, serve, and manage a restaurant online, and with Papa Louie Games like this, you can learn and have fun all at the same time! Just ask the players of Papa's Taco Mia whether we are right or not.

Cooking and baking are not quite the same, with some chefs even saying that the former is harder than the latter, but when working for Papa, you will only deliver the highest quality, as we will explain right now!

Work at Papa's Bakeria to make the world a sweeter places!

Apple pies, pumpkin pies, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and other sweets like this are going to be the main courses and dishes you serve at your bakery, where you can become one of two worker bees:

  • Timm, the boy
  • Cecilia, the girl

You can even create your own chef character, so that they resemble you more, and make the experience a better one!

Day after day you work at the virtual bakery, where you have to take orders from your customers and make those orders to their specifications, giving them the food they want in a quick enough time, with the highest of quality, and earn money in return, as well as tips!

If you want to make manager, why not use those extra cash you earn to buy some new decorations, upgrades, or add more workers for the restaurant?

Papa says: never miss an order!

As your customers come in, make sure to note the entire recipe of the cake they want to eat, which is a process done at the order station, the place where each worker starts their adventure!

Prepare the delicacies!

In the building station you need to take all the ingredients in your check note and put them together, such as the dough, the creams, and the sweeteners like sugar, and use the tools given to you to cut them up in the correct shapes and sizes, as every dish has its own recipe.

Heat it up!

The baking station is where you put the ingredients inside the oven and bake them. Each recipe has its own temperatures you need to be mindful of, so bake everything at the correct times and levels, because if you take the food out too fast or too late, it's either uncooked, which is not healthy, or overcooked, which will not be tasty at al. Ugh, gross!

Top it off!

The new station added to this installment of the franchise is the top station, where you get to add the toppings, with everything from fruits, creams, interesting sauces, which are both for taste and for decoration.

How to play?

Use the mouse to bake the goodies!

Tips & Tricks

  • Work fast because customers who wait too long will leave and give you bad reviews. You might even lose money!
  • Use money in the shop to buy new upgrades that make baking faster and better!
  • Only the best chef can unlock all the crusts, fillings, or toppers! Are you it?

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