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Papa's Wingeria
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Papa's Wingeria Overview


Papa's Wingeria is the new restaurant game that we are pleased to present to you. In it, you will work in a restaurant where the specialty is chicken wings. Your mission will be to manage this restaurant as well as possible and cook these wings in a special way so that your customers will like them.

Right from the beginning of the game, you should know that you can choose your main character with whom you can work, and in this sense, you will have a choice between the following characters:

  • Chuck, the male character dressed in a black suit with a red collar, wears sunglasses on his head.
  • Mandi is the female character dressed in a long black skirt with red stripes and wearing a short haircut.
  • Custom Worker: Here, you can create your own avatar according to your wishes, but you will have to earn money to buy different clothes or personal items.
The story behind Papa's Wingeria restaurant

Chuck's adventure begins one day when he is sitting quietly at home, on his sofa and watching TV, when someone knocks on his door and tells him that he has won an express trip to Starlight City, which is why that person is the main. He is pleased and begins to prepare for the journey he will make. He packs his bags and gets on the bus that takes him to the new city. He went to a casino where he chose to play games of chance, and the three sevens lined up perfectly. he won the grand prize, which consisted of a restaurant based on chicken wings, and thus began the adventure in the new game.

The game is divided into four stations.


  • Order Station: This is where you will meet the customers. It is also the actual restaurant where the customers enter and give you the order, and you must return with the final dish. The front of the store is quite simple, with tiles in two colors on the floor, red and yellow wallpaper on the walls, and a green counter that delimits the workroom from the area where customers wait.
  • Fty Station: here, you will find eight frying pans filled with hot oil. This is where the game's magic takes place; you will have to fry the wings and give them the right tenderness.
  • Sauce Station is where you will have to play with the sauces. In the beginning, you will only have two sauces (BBQ and Spicy), but you can buy new sauces depending on your money.
  • Build Station: the area where you will have to prepare the plating of the plates; here, you will have to rely on your creativity so that you can arrange the plates you have as well as possible because the appearance of the pieces on the plate is significant, no. It is said for nothing that people eat with children for the first time; the first impression is essential.
What do you have to do in Papa's Wingeria restaurant?


  • The first thing you will have to do is return to the restaurant's first area, called Order Station. Here, you can receive your customers. The first customer is Clover (a blonde girl), whom you must ask about what she wants to eat.
  • While he gives you the order, you will have to pay attention and write with a pencil on a piece of paper, after which you can go back to the 2nd area of ​​the restaurant, respectively to the bakery where you will have to get to work. With the mouse, you must spin the pot with fins until they fall into the fryer. Constantly check the frying indicator of the wings so that they are not too fried, but at the same time, they are not raw either, and when the frying indicator indicates that the wings are perfectly fried, you will have to remove the wings from the fryer.
  • The next step will be to go to the 3rd area of ​​the restaurant, namely the area with sauces, and start seasoning the wings according to the customer's wishes that you have written down. To season the wings, you will have to choose the proper sauce, then lift the container upside down over the wings and pour the sauce over them. After you put the sauce on, you will have to close the pot lid and mix the wings with the sauce very well so that the whole composition is homogenized as well as possible.
  • The final step is plating; here, you will have to put the wings on the grill, add the sauces, and put the garnish, which will most likely be made of vegetables. Look at the initially received order; if it matches your current plate, you can go in front of the customer to serve him.
How can you get more points for your wing pastry?

To be rewarded by your customers with consistent tips, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  1. Speed: You must move quickly through the four areas in the kitchen to avoid making your customers wait too long.
  2. Attention: Pay attention to the order you receive and try to cook exactly what is asked of you.
  3. Kindness: You must always be polite and kind in your relationship with customers. You must listen to their wishes and try to make them feel as good as possible in your restaurant.

How to play?

Use the mouse to cook the best wings from town!

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Author: Flipline Studios

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