Papa's Wingeria

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Papa's Wingeria
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What is Papa's Wingeria?

Papa's Wingeria

Wings, wings, and more wings! Papas Wingeria follows the same format as the other exciting Papa Louie games to play for free online. This time, you are drizzling hot sauce all over wings and decorating plates to perfection.

Papas Wingeria Online: Gameplay

You start off with the normal three empty slots. Once you start a new game, then you can choose either Chuck, Mandi, or you can create a custom worker. Once you have chosen your character, then it is time to live through your lucky day. You hear knocking at the door. Congratulations! You have won an all-expense paid trip to Starlight City on the Starlight Express. Not only do you win a trip, but you get the mega prize from your free spin: Keys to your very own store:

●    Order Station: Where customers place orders in your new store, Papas Wingeria.
●    Fry Station: Where you cook your wings.
●    Sauce Station: Where you toss your wings in different sauces.
●    Build Station: Where you arrange wings and sides on a plate.

Now, it is time to take your customer’s order. Do not worry though, the first customer is not too particular. Drag their ticket to the line and be prepared for the easiest customer you will have in the game.

Papas Wingeria Tips

●    Papas Wingeria is fast paced, but do not let that distract you from providing high-quality service or make you rush through making the plate before serving it. This will greatly affect your service quality at the end of the day and, most importantly, your tips.
●    Use the game tickets you earn at the end of the day to play the mini-game show: Burgerzilla. You can win some great aesthetic prizes!
●    Stay on top of the shop upgrades. Cook boosters cook the food faster, furniture improves grill scores and waiting times, posters improve sauce scores, and you can get some aesthetics, such as wallpaper and clothing.

Wing, zing, thank you, Papa Louie!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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