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Papa's Hot Doggeria

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Papa's Hot Doggeria
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Papa's Hot Doggeria Overview


Welcome to Papa’s Hot Doggeria, one of the many free Papa Louie arcade games to play online for free! Papa’s Hot Doggeria is one of the more recent games in the Papa Louie series, so expect to see some features that you have not seen in older games from the Papa Louie arcade. 

Papa’s Hot Doggeria Gameplay

When you start Papa’s Hot Doggeria, you are greeted by a familiar screen where you choose your save slots. If you have played Papa’s Hot Doggeria before, you may be able to import your gameplay. However, if you have just started, then you can choose any of the save slots. Once you start a new game, you choose between Taylor, Peggy, or your own custom character. 

The story of Papa’s Hot Doggeria starts with your character at Griller Stadium. Griller Stadium has just opened, and season tickets are available. Your character is there to pick up season tickets. Unfortunately, a money-mogul buys up all the tickets, leaving your character without any. 

Your character looks at an advertisement for Papa’s Hot Doggeria. You can have a magnificent view of the game, but what is the catch? 

As soon as you sit down for a view of the game, a customer interrupts your viewing experience. You drop the binoculars to see a handful of customers. You may have a splendid view of the game, but will you ever have time to watch it?

Since Papa’s Hot Doggeria is one of the newer games in the series, it has the normal stations you would think of, plus an additional station that is unique to Papa’s Hot Doggeria:

●    The Order Station is where the customers come in. You will want to keep an eye out on the order station until you can make the necessary upgrades to help you manage the order station so you can focus on the others. 
●    The Grill Station is where the magic happens. At the grill station, you can have up to eight hot dogs going at a time. Of course, when you are just starting the game, you will only have a couple with which you will contend. However, the grill can fill up amazingly fast, so get the right upgrades to help you optimize your time at the Grill Station. 
●    The Build Station is where all the toppings come together, and the toppings can get a bit overwhelming in Papa’s Hot Doggeria because there are a lot of them. There are many toppings from mushrooms and pickles to bacon and onions. Fortunately, you will have time to practice before it becomes too overwhelming. 
●    The Pop Station is where you manage soda pop and popcorn at the same time, and there are a lot of different combinations. 

Now that you are familiar with the gameplay of Papa’s Hot Doggeria, you should keep the following tips in mind when playing through the game. 

Papa’s Hot Doggeria Tips

●    It is human nature to want to go in order, but we suggest doing the pop station first as the food is on the grill. Put the hot dog of choice on the grill, then immediately go to the pop station to work there. Keep checking back to flip the hot dog until you have a timer to give you notifications. 
●    Starting strong will get you upgrades early in the game. Start with a bell to notify you when customers come in, then move on to grill upgrades. You will want to balance your upgrades after that to improve your gameplay before it becomes too overwhelming. 

Work hard and maybe you will have time after work to catch the ballgame!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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