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It's always a good time when brand new shooting games online get added to our website, but even more so when they are of the quality and excitement that is SUPERHOT, which is the latest such game to have been brought over by our team, where you will play an fps game online on your browser unlike you've done before!

Shoot, run, and bend time to your rule!

You are going to use the W, A, S, D keys to move around, and when you want to shoot and have a gun available to do so, use the mouse to aim and then shoot by tapping the left mouse button.

In first-person you will move around the white world which has lots of blocks, tables, and other things around it, but, most importantly, it has super hot targets for you, which are the red men you see all over the place.

They will shoot at you on sight, so be careful to avoid getting shot, or you instantly lose and have to start again. Take advantage of the time that time moves only when you are on the move, so use that to shoot down your opponents while avoiding their bullets as well.

Each new level features more enemies to defeat and face and a more difficult place to do it in, but we are sure that with focus and determination you will be able to give this game your best!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, mouse.

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