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Zombotron Re-Boot

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Zombotron Re-Boot
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Zombotron Re-Boot Overview


Zombotron Re-Boot is the remastered version of a classic and well-beloved action-adventure game with shooting zombies, which is always a format that you can never go wrong with here on our website, and now you've got better graphics, easier gameplay, and lots of new adventures to go through, with fresh eyes, and energy, with us now teaching you what to do, in case you want to know what and how to do it!

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Blaze Rush is the name of the character you embody, and with the WASD keys you move, with space, you will jump, with the E key you activate items, and with the mouse you get to attack.

You start off empty-handed, but you can defeat zombies like that, but not for long, as you should strive to find the gun to use, as the number of zombies increases, and you need to shoot them all up.

Advance through the territory of this alien planet, and make sure you're killing zombies, getting new weapons and gear, collecting treasure, and saving your friends who are in fear and under attack!

When done, don't hesitate to check out the Original Zombotron Game as well, also on our website!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, E, and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Collect treasures and weapons to be more powerful than the zombies.
  • Don't fall into traps or pits, which are as dangerous as the undead.

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Author: AntKarlov

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