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Zombotron Overview


Zombotron is a must-play zombie game online! Action-adventure games where you shoot zombies are classics, and this one is even more so! If you've not played Zombotron games before, worry not, we will now show you the ropes, so that you can survive the zombie apocalypse! 

Play Zombotron online and shoot zombies!

This is a game with ten levels, the tenth one being the boss level. In each of them, you have various missions, such as the ones from Level 1:

  1. Finish the level in 150 seconds - play against time
  2. Collect 25 coins - you get them when you kill zombies
  3. Kill zombies and collect 10 heads - shoot as many zombies as you can

Move using WASD through the dungeon where the zombies are. With the mouse, you aim and shoot at them when you encounter them. Kill as many as possible, even more than your target number is. Use E as the action key. Use it to move elevators or open doors.

Run and jump through the dungeons, and kill zombies before they kill you. If you lose your health bar, you also lose the game. In each new level, there are more zombies that you have to kill than before!

Upgrade the hero!

Find the terminals, which look like screens, where you can use the money you've collected for upgrades. Buy new guns, new armor, and ammo. Keep getting stronger, since the zombies are harder to defeat the more you go into the caves!

Blow up the zombies!

If you find dynamite, shoot it, causing explosions to kill zombies. You can also push them from elevators, or you can hit them with other zombies to kill them. Maybe you shoot up boxes that explode. Use cars and vehicles you find to run them over. Any way to kill a zombie is a good idea!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse, E key.

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Anton Karlov

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